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YouTube Marketing Secrets – YouTube Promoted Videos

During this weeks webinar I cover a few topics. Firstly, I started by announcing the launch of the Super Affiliate Plugin! Then I show you another way of generating traffic using YouTube by creating a promoted video.

Download and watch the webinar to learn about
how to create a Promoted Video on YouTube

Download the Webinar Now!

Super Affiliate Plugin Launch!

The Super Affiliate Plugin (also known as the SAP) is a new plugin for WordPress that I have created to help you build affiliate websites fast and easy. The SAP will help you automate and reduce the time it takes to build an affiliate website. Usually when you build an affiliate website you will need to install about 15 or more different plugins so that you can create, track and manage it. When you build many affiliate websites over and over again it can get pretty annoying having to install 15 different plugins on every new website that you build.

It makes so much more sense to automate all of this work, so you don’t waste hours doing it yourself.

That’s what the Super Affiliate Plugin is! An all-in-one plugin aimed at affiliate marketers to help you quickly and easily build many different types of affiliate websites. You no longer need to install a different plugin for each of the tasks that you need to do to create a great affiliate website. The Super Affiliate Plugin has everything you need inside the one plugin. So now you can save time by installing just one plugin knowing that everything is in there to help you create your website very quickly and easily.

Using the Super Affiliate Plugin you can create many different types of websites that Google will love and have them optimized, monetized and up and running, ready to bring in money within minutes!

With this amazing plugin you will be able to:

  1. Receive free search engine traffic automatically.
    Easily optimize your website for SEO and keywords to receive organic traffic from major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.
  2. ‘Automatically’ bring in content and update your website every day.
    Set up the content for your website once and you’re done!
  3. Easily build an email list of customers that you can market to again and again!
    Instantly display an optin form on your website so you can generate a database of targeted leads.
  4. Analyze your website traffic and data to increase your profits!
    A very easy way to install Google Analytics on your website to know exactly how and where your traffic is coming from. Once you know this information you can use it to your advantage.
  5. Hate getting involved with the legal stuff? Use the one-click, Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions Generator.
    Automatically genterate a privacy policy and terms & conditions page for your website with the click of one button!

You can now go and download the Super Affiliate Plugin for FREE at http://SuperAffiliatePlugin.com

YouTube Marketing

The Different Types of YouTube Ads

Promoted Videos – Promote your own video for particular keywords searched for (similar to Google AdWords)
InStream Video Ad – Promote your own video by placing it inside of another video that someone is watching
Text Ads – Display a text ad on a video that someone is watching using the Google Content Network
Click To Play Video – Embed your video on someone else’s website (similar to AdSense banner ads except with a video)
InStream Audio Ad – Audio (such as voice) can be placed inside of another video that someone is watching (an icon will be shown to click on and play the audio)
InVideo Static Image – Place a banner/image ad on the video being watched

All of the advertising options above are controlled through the Google AdWords – Display Ad Builder.

Selecting Your Advertising Keywords

A good way of seeing what keywords people are searching for in YouTube is by using the YouTube Keyword Tool.

Creating a Promoted Video on YouTube

This week we look at creating a promoted video, where you can pay to have your video shown in the promoted videos for a search result.

You can create a video to promote on YouTube either by using a video camera and recording yourself or by using Camtasia and doing a screen capture of your computer screen.

Follow this link for a free 30 day free trial of Camtasia

After you create your video you will need to upload it to YouTube via your YouTube account. Once it’s uploaded it make sure you place a clickable link to your website in the description box. To make your link clickable include the ‘http://’ before your website URL. Something else you can also do in your YouTube account is add an annotation on your video. This can display the URL of the website in the video that you would like the viewer to visit after they have finished watching (like a ‘call-to-action’). It’s not clickable but it’s a visual aid that can be used to make them click on the link below the video in the description box.

How to Create a Promoted Video on YouTube

To create a YouTube Promoted Videos campaign login to your Google AdWords account follow the steps below.

Create Campaign

  1. Click new campaign.
  2. Campaign Type > Display Network Only (Display Ad Builder).
  3. Name your campaign.
  4. Choose the country that you want to display the promoted video to.
  5. The networks and devices will be pre populated because we chose the campaign type earlier. However you can click to choose the relevant pages only on the placements and audiences you want to manage.
  6. Choose the Devices you wish to target (desktop computers, mobile phones etc.)
  7. Choose your bidding options (manual) and enter the daily budget.
  8. Save and continue.

Create AdGroup

  1. Name your AdGroup.
  2. Enter the Keywords related to your video. These keywords with determine which managed placements are good matches for your ad.
  3. Select/Enter your managed placements (youtube.com). You can use the YouTube Video Targeting Tool to help you with this.
  4. Enter the maximum bidding options (Cost Per Click CPC).
  5. Click ‘Save AdGroup’.

Create Ad

  1. The Display Ad Builder will automatically pop up after saving your AdGroup.
  2. Click on the ‘Video and Audio’ Category.
  3. Click on ‘YouTube Promoted Videos Template’.
  4. Create an Ad Name.
  5. Write a headline and description for your video.
  6. Click on ‘Select a YouTube Video’ .
  7. Search for the YouTube channel that the video has been uploaded to and select it by clicking on the radio button beside it.
  8. Click on ‘Select’ towards the bottom of the box.
  9. Select the destination page from the drop down box.
  10. Click ‘Save Ad’.
  11. Let Your Ad go through the review process with Google.

Download and watch the webinar to learn how to create a Promoted Video on YouTube.

Download the Webinar Now!

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