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YouTube Marketing Secrets – Creating an InVideo Static Image Ad

Traffic Generation Using YouTube Advertising

During the next few webinars we will start to look at different ways of using YouTube to generate traffic and how you can do YouTube advertising.

There are lots of ways to get traffic from YouTube which can either be free or paid.

Download and watch the webinar to learn about
the different types of Advertising on YouTube

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Why Should You Use YouTube?

There are over 2 billion videos viewed per day on YouTube.
The number of searches performed in YouTube has passed the number of searches performed in Google.
Over 24 hours of content uploaded every minute.
Millions of different keyword searches – long tail as well.

You can use the YouTube Keyword Tool used to find out what people are searching for inside of YouTube.

On this webinar I show you the many different types of paid traffic methods that you can use on YouTube.

The Different Types of YouTube Ads

Promoted Videos – Promote your own video for particular keywords searched for (similar to Google AdWords)
InStream Video Ad – Promote your own video by placing it inside of another video that someone is watching
Text Ads – Display a text ad on a video that someone is watching using the Google Content Network
Click To Play Video – Embed your video on someone else”s website (similar to AdSense banner ads except with a video)
InStream Audio Ad – Audio (such as voice) can be placed inside of another video that someone is watching (an icon will be shown to click on and play the audio)
InVideo Static Image – Place a banner/image ad on the video being watched

All of the advertising options above are controlled through the Google AdWords – Display Ad Builder.

The first paid traffic method I show you using YouTube is the InVideo Static Image which is essentially a display banner ad that shows over someone else”s video. The banner ad can be clicked on and you can direct the user to a URL (such as a website, clickbank hop link, CPA affiliate link etc.) or open another “InVideo” video (a video that displays over the video they are already watching).

Note that the image size required for the banner ad isn”t a standard banner size (480px X 70px) so you may need to resize the banner, if you are using one that is provided for you.

You can download and use the Paint.net software to resize images/banners.

How to Create an InVideo Static Image Ad on YouTube

To create a YouTube Display Ad campaign login to your Google AdWords account follow the steps below.

Create Campaign

  1. Click new campaign
  2. Campaign Type > Display Network Only (Display Ad Builder)
  3. Name your campaign
  4. Choose the country that you want to display the ad in
  5. The networks and devices will be pre populated because we chose the campaign type earlier. However you can click to choose the relevant pages only on the placements and audiences you want to manage.
  6. Choose the Devices you wish to target. (desktop computers, mobile phones etc.)
  7. Choose your bidding options (manual) and enter the daily budget
  8. Save and continue

Create AdGroup

  1. Select/Enter your managed placements (youtube.com). You can use the YouTube Video Targeting Tool to help you with this.
  2. Enter the maximum bidding options (Cost Per Click CPC)
  3. Save AdGroup

Create Ad

  1. The Display Ad Builder will automatically pop up after saving your AdGroup
  2. Click on the “Video and Audio” Category
  3. Click on “InVideo Static Image”
  4. Create an Ad Name
  5. Select the file on your computer for the “InVideo Overlay”
  6. Enter in the Display URL
  7. Enter the destination URL or affiliate link
  8. Save Ad
  9. Let Your Ad go through the review process with Google.

Download and watch the webinar to learn how to create an InVideo Static Image Ad on YouTube

Download the Webinar Now!


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