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Traffic Generation Using Google AdWords Part 2

During this weeks webinar we revisited our Google AdWords campaign that we have had running for Rocket-Piano-Review.com.

We found that after 8 clicks on our ad we had made a sale earning us $26.35US. It cost just $3.66AU to make this sale. We then had a look at our Prosper202 tracking statistics to see exactly which keywords people were searching for to trigger our ad.

Using this information, we created a new adgroup that was targeted to the keyword using “phrase” and [exact] keyword matching, and created targeted ad text with the keyword used throughout the ad.

This brings us to the end of the Rocket-Piano-Review webinar series. I’ve decided to have a couple of weeks off from the webinars so that I can focus on finishing some outstanding projects and also create more training¬†opportunities¬†for you. We will begin the internet marketing training webinars again in October!

If anyone is heading to the World Traffic Summit on the Gold Coast come and say g’day!

Watch the webinar to see how to optimise your Google Adwords campaign!

Download the Webinar Now!

Bryan - For the past 10 years, Bryan been designing and developing Internet Banking applications for Australian banks and credit unions. Bryan has had a passion for computers ever since high school, and has advanced to a high level in his development career. In recent years, he discovered internet marketing and has developed a passion for helping others achive the results they long for.

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