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Need a Copywriter?

I recently had some copywriting work done for a few projects of mine. I’m extremely happy with the work that Farhad produced so I thought I would let everyone know about Farhad, in case you are looking for an excellent copywriter.

I first met Farhad Khurshed last year at one of my internet marketing training seminars. And since then I’ve used his outstanding copy writing skills a number of times for different websites I have developed the past few months.

Farhad has a real gift at writing a very compelling sales letter.  I am always impressed with his work!  He has a very fast turn-around and also very reasonable rates.

I really can recommend Farhad if you need any work written for any of your projects.  You can contact Farhad via his website here if you’re interested in hiring him or have any questions.


Bryan - For the past 10 years, Bryan been designing and developing Internet Banking applications for Australian banks and credit unions. Bryan has had a passion for computers ever since high school, and has advanced to a high level in his development career. In recent years, he discovered internet marketing and has developed a passion for helping others achive the results they long for.

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