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CPA (Cost-Per-Action) Marketing 101 – Part 1

Welcome back to a new series of webinars where we will be covering CPA Marketing and building an Affiliate CPA Marketing Website that we’ll monetize with a CPA offer.

During this webinar we cover what is CPA Marketing, how it works and who should use CPA marketing. We also look at some different CPA Networks and an easy way to find great offers. I also cover keyword research again for the CPA offer I’ve picked to run with (I show you how to use an excellent keyword research tool to do this). Then how to pick a domain name for the keywords you find during your research.

What is CPA Marketing?

CPA stands for Cost Per Action or Cost Per Acquisition. It is also sometimes referred to, as CPL (Cost Per Lead) marketing. In this type of marketing the affiliate gets paid for each action performed or each lead generated.

Examples of Different Types of CPA Offers

  1. A free download (like a toolbar)
  2. An email address submit
  3. A short form fill
  4. A long form fill (such as a survey)
  5. A free trial
  6. A subscription (a things such as a magazine, membership site or products like Pro Active skin care treatment where it’s sent every month or two)
  7. A purchase (from an online store)

CPA Payout Amounts

The more action a user or customer has to take, the higher the payout! CPA offers can pay anywhere from $0.50 to $50! (or even higher in some cases).

A Rule to Remember With CPA Marketing

CPA = Resistance

ie: The more resistance, the lower your conversion rate will be.
So what is resistance?

  • Credit card details
  • Recurring payments
  • Postage & handling
  • Phone number

What Makes A Good CPA Marketing Network?

  • High payouts
  • Affiliate managers
  • Emailing offers and specials to you every week
  • Fraud/Click detection
  • Clear terms and conditions on each of the offers
  • Flexible tracking options
  • Easy to use interface

All CPA marketing networks require you to be approved before you can start running offers. They will call you for a phone interview and you will need to be able to show examples of your previous internet marketing skills such as:

  • Example websites
  • Estimated revenue
  • Estimates or proof of traffic
  • Budgets for paid advertising
  • Previous ROI on advertising


NeverBlue is the best CPA marketing network (in my opinion) and runs many great CPA offers to promote. It ticks all the boxes when it comes to what makes a good CPA network as well! You can learn more about NeverBlue or become an affiliate at their website: NeverBlue.com.

Signup to NeverBlue

How to Find CPA Offers

An excellent way of finding and comparing different CPA offers is to use Offervault.com. Offervault is owned by Mark Roth and is an aggregator of all affiliate/CPA offers from most networks around the world. It’s a great place to find offers in your niche as well as who is paying the best for similar offers.

Performing Keyword Research Using Market Samurai

I did my keyword research for the Smiley Central CPA offer that I found on NeverBlue using Market Samurai. During the webinar I show you how to use Market Samurai to do your keyword research.

These are the filters that I set when evaluating my niche/keyword:

The SEO Traffic (SEOT) filter is set to 80
The Phrase to Broad Match (PBR) filter is set to 15%
The SEO Competition (SEOC) filter is set to 30,000

SEOT = The maximum potential amount of clicks for the number 1 position keyword.
PBR = The percentage of phrase-match searches out of broad-match searches for the keyword.
SEOC = The total number of webpages globally that mention the keyword term in the same order.

Market Samurai is a very comprehensive keyword research tool and will help you find high-profit, low-competition keywords and niche markets with ease. I highly recommend it for your keyword research! You can get a free trial of the software which includes:

  • Free Access to the Traffic-Hunting Software, “Market Samurai” (Software, Valued at $149)
  • 4 Brief “How-To” Videos, Sharing How You Can Get More Visitors, with Less Effort

Market Samurai Free Trial

Watch the webinar to learn all about Affiliate CPA Marketing!

Download the Webinar Now!


Bryan - For the past 10 years, Bryan been designing and developing Internet Banking applications for Australian banks and credit unions. Bryan has had a passion for computers ever since high school, and has advanced to a high level in his development career. In recent years, he discovered internet marketing and has developed a passion for helping others achive the results they long for.


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