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Clickbank Promo Sites Using The Super Affiliate Plugin – Part 3

This weeks webinar follows on from last week and it’s the last part of the Clickbank Promo Sites series that I have been running for the past 3 weeks. In part 3 of this series I show you how to finish off making an affiliate website promoting a Clickbank product.

Again, the idea and strategy we are using to create a Clickbank affiliate website is called ‘Clickbank Promo Sites’. You can view the Clickbank Promo Sites post if you would like to read about or watch the first webinar in the 3 part series to learn more about the strategy.

To See Part 3 of How to Build Clickbank Promo Sites Using The
Super Affiliate Plugin, Download and Watch the Webinar Below

Download the Webinar Now!

Making an Affiliate Website

We are using a WordPress plugin that I have created called the Super Affiliate Plugin, to help in making an affiliate website that will be promoting the Clickbank product.

The Clickbank product that I have picked to promote and build the Clickbank affiliate website for, is a website that helps people find Legit Online Jobs. We’ve been building the Legit Online Jobs website at LegitOnlineJobsSite.com over the last 2 webinars and have already done the following:

  1. Installed WordPress
  2. Installed the Super Affiliate Plugin to help with building the website
  3. Set the keywords & description (SEO settings)
  4. Created a terms & conditions page
  5. Created a privacy policy page
  6. Imported 45 articles from ArticlesBase.com that are scheduled to be posted
  7. Installed a new stylish theme from NewWPThemes.com and changed the header
  8. Displayed affiliate banner ads for the product we’re promoting in the top header and sidebar
  9. Cloaked and tracked our affiliate link (Clickbank hoplink) using the Super Affiliate Plugin

This week on the webinar we finish off building the website by adding a review and making it the ‘front page’ of the website. This means that the first page visitors see when they arrive at the website is a review of the product.

Create a Review

You can create a review of the Clickbank product by buying it and reading or using the product or service. To write a review you can follow some simple guidelines such as:

  • Introduction
  • About the Website/Product
  • What Does the Website/Product Provide?
  • Quality and Rating of the Website/Product
  • Are There Testimonials & a Guarantee?
  • Final Words on the Website/Product

To create the review simply add a ‘new page’ and make it the ‘front page’ of your WordPress website.

How to Change the Front Page

  1. Go to ‘Settings’ > ‘Reading’ in the administration area of your WordPress website
  2. Click ‘A static page’ radio box
  3. Select the page you want for the front page from the drop down box
  4. Click ‘Save Changes’

Making Your Review Look Professional

You can make the review of your Clickank affiliate product look more professional by adding images and using some of the features included in the Super Affiliate Plugin (SAP).

  • Add a Screen Shot of the website to your review so that your visitor/reader knows what the website looks like
  • Add Review Stars using the Super Affiliate Plugin:
    1. Go to the Site Images > Rating Stars section of the Super Affiliate Plugin
    2. Copy the shortcode for the colour of stars that you want to use on your page
    3. Paste the shortcode where you want the rating stars to show
    4. Change the ‘number’ to the rating you would like to give the product. Eg: “9″ stars and then you could puct the wording: ‘Rating: 9/10′ below the stars
  • Add some Sales Images using the Super Affiliate Plugin:
    1. Go to the Site Images > Sales Images section of the Super Affiliate Plugin
    2. Copy the shortcode for the image you would like to use
    3. Paste the shortcode where you want the image to appear in your page
  • Make the ‘Click Here to Order’ sales image a clickable Cloaked Exit Link (with your Clickbank hoplink) using the Super Affiliate Plugin:
    1. Go to the Site Tools > Exit Links section of the Super Affiliate Plugin
    2. Add an ‘Alias’ (keyword) to the ‘Alias’ box provided under ‘Add a New Exit Link’
    3. Paste your affiliate hoplink from Clickbank into the ‘Destination URL’ box next to this
    4. Click the ‘Save Options’ button
    5. Your new Exit Link will be generated and saved under the ‘Exit Links’ section at the top of this page. Ie: If your alias/keyword was legitonlinejobs, the URL to link to would look like this: http://yourdomainname.com/go/legitonlinejobs
    6. To use the Exit Link simply copy the ‘Usage’ link
    7. In the WordPress admin go to your review page and click on the sales image ‘Edit Image’ icon at the top left of the image
    8. Paste the Exit Link into the ‘Link URL’ box
    9. Click ‘Update’
    10. Save the changes made to the review page
  • Add clickable Banner Ads to the review page by using the Super Affiliate Plugin:
    1. Go to the Site Tools > Banner Ads section of the Super Affiliate Plugin
    2. Copy the HTML code of the banner you want to display from the affiliates section usually found on the website of your Clickbank product
    3. Paste the HTML code into the empty ‘Banner Ad Code’ box
    4. Click ‘Save Options’ for your banner shortcode to be saved
    5. Copy the corresponding shortcode. Ie: [sap_banner]
    6. Paste the shortcode into the exact spot you want the banner ad to show on your review page
    7. Your banner ad will now be displayed on the page
  • Add Geo IP Location to the review page making it look as if the author of the review is located in the same city as the viewer to the website by using the Super Affiliate Plugin:
  • When the viewer has an emotional hook, the message can be far more compelling. To establish this connection in Affiliate Marketing, the use of something familiar can increase conversion rates considerably.

    By using the Geo IP shortcode outlined below, the Super Affiliate Plugin will detect the viewers details and display them instead of yours.

    1. Use the following shortcode [sap_geoip]Brisbane, Australia[/sap_geoip] in your page or post where you would like it to appear.
      Eg: From the Desk of Bryan Wain – [sap_geoip]Brisbane, Australia[/sap_geoip]
    2. You can supply the default City and Country names specific to you. These will appear if the viewers details (rarely) cannot be detected.
    3. The Super Affiliate Plugin will automatically replace your default details with the viewers City and Country.
  • Add a Display Date to the review page to make the page always look up-to-date using the Super Affiliate Plugin:
  • To display the current date on your website, simply use the following shortcode in your page, post or widget:

    You can also change the current date to make it look a little more realistic.
    Ie: If you want the content to look new, (but not written today) simply add the minus parameter and it will subtract the number of days from today:
    [sap_currentdate minus=”15″]

To See Part 3 of How to Build Clickbank Promo Sites Using The
Super Affiliate Plugin, Download and Watch the Webinar Below

Download the Webinar Now!

Webinars Starting Again in the New Year!

This webinar was the last in the ‘Clickbank Promo Sites’ series. I hope you enjoyed learning how to create a Clickbank affiliate website using the Super Affiliate Plugin!

It’s that time of year again and I’m sure that things are starting to get very busy for everyone! So I’ve decided that this webinar was the last one for the year. I’ll be back again in the New Year with many more exciting affiliate marketing and internet marketing ‘how-to’ webinars. If you have any suggestions for topics that you would like covered please email them through to me!

Please make sure you are registered on my Live Webinars Email List so that you will hear about when the Internet Marketing Webinars will be starting again in the new year.

Thanks to everyone for joining me live on the webinars! I’ve had a lot of fun presenting them to you. :)


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