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2 Day LIVE Membership Site Workshop

I’d like to invite you to attend our 2-day Membership Site Workshop and Discover How You Can Build Your Very Own Membership Site!

Maybe you’ve dreamed of earning a passive income from a Membership Site – but just don’t know how?

Have you given up on the dream because it’s just too hard and time consuming?

I know a lot of people who have…

I would like to invite you to my next workshop where we will show you from start to finish the exact process we use to build a complete membership site.

During this unique classroom style workshop you will get to spend the whole two days with me and I will show you the process of setting up a Membership Site from start to finish. I’ll be using some great tools which can very quickly turn your website into a membership site. I want to make sure you go home knowing exactly how to build your own Membership Site.

Register Now for the May 28-29th Membership Site Workshop in Brisbane

Here’s a quick overview of what will be covered during the workshop:

  • The 5 main types of membership models
  • How to find a niche of buyers that are hungry for your content
  • A quick check to see if you will succeed right from the start
  • Finding engaging content that will keep your members happy
  • Finding a great domain name to match your site
  • How to setup the entire site once, and let it be
  • How to receive recurring payments for months to come
  • How to automatically drip feed your content to your members
  • Plus much…MUCH more!

Once you learn how to create a membership site at my workshop you’ll be amazed and want to create many more!

Seats are strictly limited so register now to avoid disappointment.

Register Now for the May 28-29th Membership Site Workshop in Brisbane

I look forward to seeing you in a few weeks!

Bryan Wain

Bryan - For the past 10 years, Bryan been designing and developing Internet Banking applications for Australian banks and credit unions. Bryan has had a passion for computers ever since high school, and has advanced to a high level in his development career. In recent years, he discovered internet marketing and has developed a passion for helping others achive the results they long for.


  1. Fonte
    Mar 18, 2011

    Hey Bryan.. Thanks a million for taking the time to show me how to set up these different sites. I really appreciate it. Many people would charge for this type of information that your giving.


  2. Bryan
    Mar 18, 2011

    My pleasure Fonte! Thanks for the feedback :)

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